Young Adults and Colour Policy

At Off the Fringe, we do not wish to be responsible for exposing young people to unnecessary chemicals and we believe that a young person should refrain from any chemical service on their hair until the age of 15 years. We believe that a person younger than this does not understand the maintenance and the commitment a colour or other chemical services can have. As well as the possible effects it can have on the hair. We believe that we are fair and have a professional right to decline colour services to those younger than 15 years of age. Their bodies are still growing and changing and we do not wish to interfere with this growth by exposing young people to unnecessary chemicals.

We will not be performing any colour service on a person younger than 15 years of age. This includes permanent colour, semi-permanent colour, waving or straightening.

From 15 to 18 years all clients will be required to sign a waiver form as well as having parental consent before the service is to be done. Our consultations are thorough and we advise and educate our clients with our knowledge and professional training. We will not be  liable for any colour correction to be done due to expectations not being met or minds changing.

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