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Why Organic?


We are committed to bringing you the best in Organic Hair Products from Organic Colour Systems.

All products are cruelty free and most of our products are also Vegan friendly.


Organic Colour Systems is the first-ever range of permanent colours made from the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients and the minimum amount of chemicals… to colour hair as naturally as possible.  Our unique approach is gentle but effective and easily colours even resistant grey hair, and because hair responds better to natural ingredients it looks naturally healthier and glossier with radiant, longer-lasting colour.


    Most hair colour products use harsh chemicals like ammonia that damage hair in the colouring process, stripping hair’s natural health and shine.  Organic Colour Systems is different. We’re kind to hair and it shows.  By using fewer chemicals and no ammonia Organic Colour Systems maintains hair’s essential protein and moisture balance, and it doesn’t damage hair in the colouring process.  Our unique colour and care system restores even damaged hair, giving it healthier body, suppleness and shine.


    Versatile, with easy colour correction, Organic Colour Systems takes the limits off creativity imposed by inflexible, harsh chemical products.  It’s easy to create fiery reds, intense coppers, rich golds, auburn browns, frosty platinums and an incredible range of natural tones.  What’s more, with Organic Colour Systems colours are true to the colour chart and stayed locked-in for longer.


    By using more certified organic ingredients and fewer chemicals we’ve created an effective way to colour hair as naturally as possible.  We combine the best of British know-how and natural ingredients to create hair colour with absolutely no ammonia, resorcinol or parabens, and we make our own beautiful hair products in the heart of the New Forest in Hampshire using lovely natural, organic ingredients.


    A vegan lifestyle is more than just what you eat. It’s clothes you wear and the products you use in your hair and on your skin.

    We are proud to provide you with a professional colour and care range that is 100% vegan friendly. And a styling range that includes just three products that are non-vegan friendly.

    These are: Control, Texture and Clay, which all contain sustainably sourced beeswax.

    Organic Colour Systems are always looking working to find alternatives ingredients and hope to be 100% vegan soon! 

    Read our vegan statement here.


    Choose cruelty free and choose your products with care.

    Your beauty shouldn’t impact the health and well-being of animals.

    OCS have never tested products on animals. 

    Our products are safe and gentle on even sensitive skin. But we don’t and won’t test them on animals.

    All our products are accredited by Choose Cruelty Free – a non-profit organisation that promotes a cruelty free lifestyle.

    Accreditation by Choose Cruelty Free means we don’t test on animals and that no animals have been harmed in order to manufacture our ingredients or products.

    Ours are all cruelty free and/or Peta Approved.


    We are super proud that 22 products in our retail line are now made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic!

    This means that every bit of our new bottles has been used for something else before, helping reduce plastic rubbish polluting our planet.

    Organic Colour Systems proudly use recycled and recyclable packaging across their colour, care and styling ranges