Skin Sensitivity Testing

From 1st July 2019 Off the Fringe will be implementing Skin sensitivity tests for every client before their colour appointments. 
Now, please don’t panic if you haven’t got yours and you are booked in. We will be doing this very slowly and as we see each of you in the coming months we will set up your testing for each appointment. 

It is going to be super easy and we have a fantastic little system in place for you, to make it really easy. 

Now, the reason we are doing this is because the fact is… 
Did you know that every colour manufacturer’s instructions is to skin test every client before every service 😵

We know that this can be tough subject, but it’s a super important subject… why? Because we care about you, our clients. 

A clients skin sensitivity can change appointment to appointment. We are in a world that is full of not only toxins but also allergies, not just environmental but also food, medication etc.. So when we skin test it’s not just a PPD (pigment used in most hair colour) that we should be focused on…

A client can react just as badly to a natural ingredient as they can a PPD… if you know anyone with food allergies, you know what we mean. 

We really want to raise awareness to skin testing, and Organic Colour Systems provides us with these awesome little kits to be able to skin test every client before every service. 
How you may ask??

All we do is give you a small amount of colour (without activator) into the little bottle along with the skin test instructions… You can then perform your own skin test prior to your next appointment. How awesome is that!!

Now, to make it even easier we will be adding a little reminder note in your confirmation/reminder text you already get from us! 
Win win 

♻️Also, because we are trying to reduce our plastic waste, we would love it if you could bring your little bottle back with you when you come in so we can clean it out and reuse it for you for your next skin sensitivity test! 
How easy is that? 
We want to thank you in advance for your understanding and support with this. 
Thank you 
from the team at 
Off the Fringe 

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