Skin Patch Testing

The industry is evolving and we need to be responsible for our clients. New regulations and manufacturer’s instructions recommend we do a patch test before every colour service in the salon.  We know this is nearly impossible for clients, so we are offering our new clients a complimentary consultation where we do the patch test. Regular colour clients will be required to have a patch test every six months or once a year.

Every new client will be required to have a skin patch test performed 48 hours prior to any colour appointment. These tests are recorded on your client record card and any reactions are reported to the manufacturer immediately.

We are doing this for you. We don’t want you to have any adverse reactions* to our colours. What we are testing for is any reaction to ingredients in our colour range. This can be from the base of the of the colour (soy) or the actual Pigment in the colour (PPD or Para-phenylenediamine) as well as any other listed ingredient in the colour. (This list is available for clients)

How to do a Skin Patch test

Your stylist will supply the colour 2 shades darker than your intended colour. This can be done by your stylist or if you prefer you can take it home and apply it yourself. Apply a small amount of colour (only colour no developer) to the clean dry area of skin, either behind the ear, between the shoulder blades or on the inside of your arm. This colour is to remain on the area of skin for a minimum of two hours – it can be covered with a plaster to prevent the colour getting onto clothing. After two hours, you may remove the plaster and any residue of colour that may be remaining on the skin.

If there is any reaction* during the two hours please remove immediately and wash with warm water.  Please take note of any reaction the area for the next forty-eight hours. If you do not have any reaction you are good to go. Yay! However, if there IS a reaction we may decline to do your colour at that time. Or until such a time that you show no reaction to the colour.

We will offer alternative choices and try to accommodate your hair needs. Please understand we are only looking out for you, our clients, and your well-being. We also would like to make you aware that even though we are a more natural alternative to ammonia based colour, we still have clients reacting to our colour. As we all know, humans are allergic to lots of “natural” elements – peanuts, grass, wheat, animals etc.

*NOTE:  A reaction is defined as;  redness, irritation,  itching , blisters, broken skin, cracked skin and/or extreme pain, anytime from the colour is applied on the skin to 48 hours after the colour is applied on the skin.

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