Sarah James

Sarah is a mother, wife and fur-baby mum. Sarah joined Off the Fringe in March 2019 and has immersed herself in the team and has made an incredible impression on her clients already.  Sarah has 20 + years of experience in the hairdressing world starting out in South Africa when she finished school. Hairdressing wasn’t her first choice for a career, she wanted to save the wolves in Canada! So, we know she has a huge passion for animals and their welfare. This is one of the reasons she joined Off the Fringe, to make a difference.

Hairdressing came in a close second as a career choice, if she couldn’t save the wolves she would save peoples hair!

She enjoys working with people helping them feel better about themselves and helping them manage their hair. She has a very strong passion for cutting hair but at the same time gets great enjoyment with working colour. 

In her free time, she loves being with her family, her husband Richard of 29 years her 2 children and her pets, 2 big dogs and 2 cats which she brought with her when she came to this wonderful country. She loves to read, scuba dive and crochet in her spare time when she is not managing her daughter’s hockey team and standing on the sidelines cheering her on. Sarah has a wicked sense of humour and has been known to start dancing when a good song comes on! She loves to have fun with her clients and is definitely not “Serious Sally”, only when it comes to discussing your hair and what you would like to achieve, she all business!

Sarah has been really impressed with Organic Colour Systems and what she has been able to achieve with it. Mostly, how the system really works when you use it properly!  She absolutely loves the fact that it is not tested on animals.

Sarah is looking forward to this wonderful journey with Off the Fringe and Organic Colour Systems and is really looking forward to growing her role as senior stylist. She would like to welcome all clients looking for a change in their choice of colour and of course getting to know each client very well and building the wonderful relationship we all have with our hairstylist!

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