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Our Policies


To provide you with the best possible services in our Organic Hair Salon, we have a few policies that we operate under to help us all.

Our Guarantee

While we do our utmost to make our customers happy during their visit to Off the Fringe, there are times, unfortunately, when someone might be upset over something we have done. It is important that the situation is remedied as quickly as possible, and that all parties are happy with the outcome.

1. Off the Fringe offers a two week return on any service, after two weeks it is considered a re-growth and will not be free of charge. If a complaint is taken before the two week time frame, but an appointment cannot be made before the two weeks are over, this re-do will be honoured.

2. We prefer to have the original stylist look after the client should they return. If the client would prefer a different stylist take care of them, ask the manager who she would recommend for the task. She will talk to the client and either find the best stylist for the needs of the client or take care of it herself.

3. We prescribe home care to our clients as this is our guarantee that the System is being used correctly. We cannot guarantee the colour results, if the prescribed products are not used by the client and Off the Fringe will not be liable for any further re-colouring or treatments.

4. Only under very extreme circumstances a refund will be allowed. This will only be considered if all other avenues have been exhausted and no resolution has been agreed upon. This will only be considered by owner.

Booking and Cancellation Policy

We understand things do happen, and we try to be as understanding as possible when it comes to cancellation or changing of appointments. However, we are running a business and we do have clients waiting for appointments so we do require enough time to fill the cancelled appointment time.

Clients will receive an email 1 week prior to their appointment, as well as a confirmation text message 48 hours before their actual appointment. Clients are able to respond and confirm the appointment by either responding to the email or the text message. This allows enough time to confirm their appointment up to 24 hours prior.

If a client fails to arrive for their allocated appointment and has not cancelled before the 24 hour notice period required, has cancelled on the day or has been a no show we will require a $50 booking fee for their next hair colour appointment or $30 booking fee for their next haircut appointment.

Only under extreme circumstances will this fee be waived for a client.

Lice and Nits Policy

It is against all health and safety regulations to do any service on any client who has suspected lice or nits in their hair. Off the Fringe offer a public service and to offer a hairdressing service to a client who has nits and/or lice is against public health system and could lead to the salon being shut down and prosecuted. We reserve the right to refuse service to any person who has suspected lice or nits in their hair.

Young Adults and Colour Policy

At Off the Fringe, we do not wish to be responsible for exposing young people to unnecessary chemicals and we believe that a young person should refrain from any chemical service on their hair until the age of 15 years. We believe that a person younger than this does not understand the maintenance and the commitment a colour or other chemical services can have. As well as the possible effects it can have on the hair. We believe that we are fair and have a professional right to decline colour services to those younger than 15 years of age. Their bodies are still growing and changing and we do not wish to interfere with this growth by exposing young people to unnecessary chemicals.

We will not be performing any colour service on a person younger than 15 years of age. This includes permanent colour, semi-permanent colour, waving or straightening.

From 15 to 18 years all clients will be required to sign a waiver form as well as having parental consent before the service is to be done. Our consultations are thorough and we advise and educate our clients with our knowledge and professional training. We will not be  liable for any colour correction to be done due to expectations not being met or minds changing.

Chemical Services Policy

We are committed to providing the best possible service to every client. Our staff are trained and will offer the appropriate recommendations to clients.  This policy serves to make clients and staff understand where and when a chemical service is to be performed. It also applies to when a chemical service should not be performed.

  1. All new clients are to receive a full consultation and are always given a skin allergy test to complete 48 hours before service is to be performed, with signed consent form returned to stylist before commencement of service.
  2. If there has been a reaction to the skin allergy test, chemical service should not be performed and the clients are made aware that if they choose to have the chemical service that Off the Fringe Organic Hair studio and the stylist will not be held responsible or liable if there is a reaction after service has been performed.
  3. Chemical services will NOT be performed on any client younger than 15 years of age. This includes any colour service, permanent waving or straightening service. We believe that children are not capable of understanding the responsibility and maintenance of a chemical service. We will do our utmost to keep clients satisfied and offer help and support to those clients and give them tools to manage their hair until such a time that they can have a service.
  4. We only offer a full guarantee for any colour/chemical service if the client has chosen to follow our prescribed home care. We offer this guarantee as a gesture of our true belief in the Organic Colour System. If a client has not followed our recommendation and chosen to use other home care products we cannot hold our guarantee for their colour or chemical service.
COVID-19 Safety Policy


We are not accepting walk-in clients under Covid-19 Level 2 or Level 1, all appointments must be pre-booked, by telephone or email. If you are experiencing any flu or cold-like symptoms, we ask that you do not arrive for your appointment and call us to reschedule as soon as you feel unwell. We will rebook you in for another time.

The entire salon has been deep cleaned and sanitised prior to opening and will be done continuously. This is for your health and safety and will be done using hospital grade disinfectant.

  1. If you arrive and there is a client at the front desk, please wait outside the salon door for us to call you in for your appointment.
  2. We are limiting the number of clients in the salon so we cannot accommodate extra people in the salon while you are with us. Everyone client should come alone. Children who are booked in can be accompanied by an adult. If you cannot come without your children please reschedule your booking.
  3. Hand sanitiser is freely available in the salon, at the front door, at each styling station and in the restroom area.
  4. Upon entering the salon, we kindly ask, that you wash and dry your hands thoroughly in the bathroom and use the hand sanitiser supplied. Hand washing procedure notice is available.
  5. If you are wearing a mask that is tied around your head we will ask you to remove this, and if you are wanting to wear a mask while in the salon, we can provide one that fits around the ears.
  6. Gloves are not a requirement for clients at small cost of $2.00.
  7. Every client will be required to have their hair washed/shampooed in the salon prior to all services. We will no longer offer “cut only” haircuts as a service.
  8. You will then be directed to your seat where you will remain until your service is completed or your colour has been applied. You may, if required, then be moved to the waiting area while your colour is processing.
  9. Each chair will be sanitised and disinfected before and after your service.
  10. The basins and basin chairs will be sanitised and disinfected after each use, the Perspex between the basin chairs is for your safety and will be sanitised regularly throughout the day.
  11. Every client will be provided with a clean cape and clean towels for use. All tools will be sanitised before each clients’ service, i.e. scissors, combs, brushes, and clips.
  12. We ask, if you are wanting refreshments, that you bring your own in your own cup. We will not be providing refreshments as required under Level 2 guidelines.
  13. There will be no magazines in the salon under Level 2 and Level 1. Please bring your own reading materials whilst in the salon and we have unlimited Wifi available for you to use on your personal device.
  14. At the end of your time in the salon, we ask that you wash and dry your hands before heading to the front desk for finalising payment. We will not be accepting cash while under Level 2.
  15. There will be an added $5 charge, Safety Levy, for each client under Level 2. This will be reviewed in the future.

View our full COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy here

Skin Sensitivity Testing

The industry is evolving and we need to be responsible for our clients. New regulations and manufacturer’s instructions recommend a patch test before every colour service in the salon.  We require every new client to have a skin patch test performed 48 hours prior to any colour appointment. These tests are recorded on your client record card and any reactions are reported to the manufacturer immediately.

We do this for you. We don’t want you to have any adverse reactions* to our colours. What we are testing for is any reaction to ingredients in our colour range. This can be from the base of the of the colour (soy) or the actual Pigment in the colour (PPD or Para-phenylenediamine. We use the lowest levels of PPD possible in colour, averageing 0.29%) as well as any other listed ingredient in the colour. (This list is available for clients). This test can be done by your stylist or if you prefer you can take it home and apply it yourself.

  • Your stylist will supply the colour 2 shades darker than your intended colour
  • Apply a small amount of colour to a clean dry area of skin, either behind the ear, between the shoulder blades or on the inside of your arm
  • The colour is to remain on the area of skin for a minimum of two hours – it can be covered with a plaster
  • After two hours, remove the plaster and any residue of colour that may remain on the skin
  • If there is any reaction, during the two hours please remove immediately and wash with warm water
  • Take note of any reaction during the next 48hours

*NOTE: A reaction is defined as; redness, soreness, irritation, or itching, any time from the colour is applied on the skin to 48 hours after the colour is applied on the skin.  If a sensitivity occurs, rinse immediately. If irritation persists we suggest you seek medical advice. 

OCS Vegan Statement

We have never tested our products on animals

Our products are safe and gentle on even sensitive skin. But we don’t and won’t test them on animals.

All our products are accredited by Choose Cruelty Free – a non-profit organisation that promotes a cruelty free lifestyle.

Accreditation by Choose Cruelty Free means we don’t test on animals and that no animals have been harmed in order to manufacture our ingredients or products.

Our ingredients are not:

  • Taken from an animal killed specifically for the ingredient
  • Taken from a live animal in a way that would cause pain or discomfort
  • Taken from wildlife
  • By-products of the fur industry
  • From slaughterhouse by-products

We’re also a member of the Cosmetics Toiletry & Perfumery Association that regulates the safety of cosmetic products in the UK.

Not suitable for Vegans:

  • Define (Control) – Previously known as ‘Wax’
  • Texture (Control) – Previously known as ‘Putty’
  • Clay (Control)

The Define, Texture and Clay contain a bee’s wax.