Published in Headway magazine spring 2015 Vol 38-No 3

Bridgette Young, owner of Off the Fringe Organic Hair Studio in Auckland, talks about winning the Organic Colour Systems Photographic Competition 2015

How did it feel to win the recent Organic Colour Systems Competition?

It was an amazing feeling! We watched the announcement video together and I was almost not breathing, I felt like we didn’t place anywhere after the 2nd place winner was shown, but after much anticipation, we saw our stunning model, Chantelle. Hearts pounding and insanely loud screams of delight were the natural reaction. It’s a very humbling experience being chosen as the winner; there were so many talented stylist teams that entered.

What was the inspiration behind the look?

Each team member came up with a vision and a few styles/colours definitely came through. We worked on the mood board together until we all agreed, and then it just took on its own life force. The main inspiration was beautiful stand-out colour, shiny healthy hair and fire! Fire is such a powerful, natural element and is beautiful in its colour and movement – we wanted the hair to do the same. We loved the idea of bringing some 80’s-inspired looks into the shoot. We had lots of images of ‘Halo’ colour and Ombre but wanted to push it further then something we would do every day in the salon.

How do you think entering Photographic awards, such as Organic Colour Systems Competition, has allowed you to progress in your hair work?

The main thing I have learnt is how to lead a team and allow them to find their own creative side, which is all new to me. Personally, I’ve found that I am being more creative and less afraid of showing clients new ideas. It has given me a new found belief in what I can do for them.

How important are organic products to you and why did you choose to partner with Organic Colour Systems?

I’ve been using OCS for over 7years. It was relatively new to NZ when we started using it. I was one of the sceptical old-school hairdressers who believed in the big names and everything they could do. I never really considered using anything else until we started having more and more clients reacting to colour. It was due to a client that we found OCS and we didn’t look any further because we loved everything about it. I really believe in the products and the philosophy and the ethics behind it. I know I could never ethically choose to go onto another brand now. I really care about what goes into the products, how they are made and what I am giving my clients. And if I’m not giving them the best, I’m not doing my job.

Favourite styling products from the range?

I love them all and I can honestly say I use all of them. I do use Thermal 2-twenty and Argan Oil Gloss all the time. One of the things I love about them is that you can layer the products on top of each other. The Thermal 2-twenty has amazing heat protection. I love to show clients how it works by spraying a bit on their arm then using the hairdryer over it so they can feel what it is doing for their hair.