Published in Images magazine: Natural Issue 2016

Off the fringe is located in Elliot street, Howick, and is where we found this lovely hair salon specialising only in natural organic hair care and treatments. Having taken out the coveted prize of Organic colour Systems  ‘Salon of the Year’ owner Bridgette Young will soon be on her way to the UK to visit the home of Organic Colour Systems.

Having been a hairdresser for over twenty Years Bridgette has experienced firsthand, the damage that can be caused to the hair by harsh chemical treatments. So she made the decision some time back to only use natural and organic hair products and to become a completely sustainable salon.

She has found that by using eco-heads on their wash basins, it not only saves water, the filtered water is not so harsh, and they have increase the pressure. For colouring Bridgette mainly uses Rockfoil but recycles everything! Off the Fringe has philosophy of minimal usage of paper and anything that is not 100% biodegradable.

Bridgette recommends only use and take home hair products from the salon as she feels very strongly there is no point in spending the money having the best hair treatments and then going home and using cheap supermarket products which undo all the good that the client achieved with their hair at the salon.

The Off the Fringe client list continues to grow by ‘word of mouth’ through a client referral system where every client gets a reward for introducing their friends to the salon. She has also found  considerable success in advertising once a month in the local paper, as customers are drawn to the natural organic concept!

They are also very active on Facebook and their website. Bridgette explains that effective marketing is always a combination of engaging in several things and that you need to cover all bases. She does target the forty year plus age group as she has found they are the age group most interested  natural and organic solutions