Chemical Services Policy

We are committed to providing the best possible service to every client. Our staff are trained and will offer the appropriate recommendations to clients.  This policy serves to make clients and staff understand where and when a chemical service is to be performed. It also applies to when a chemical service should not be performed.


  1. All new clients are to receive a full consultation and are always given a skin allergy test to complete 48 hours before service is to be performed, with signed consent form returned to stylist before commencement of service.
  2. If there has been a reaction to the skin allergy test, chemical service should not be performed and the clients are made aware that if they choose to have the chemical service that Off the Fringe Organic Hair studio and the stylist will not be held responsible or liable if there is a reaction after service has been performed.
  3. Chemical services will NOT be performed on any client younger than 15 years of age. This includes any colour service, permanent waving or straightening service. We believe that children are not capable of understanding the responsibility and maintenance of a chemical service. We will do our utmost to keep clients satisfied and offer help and support to those clients and give them tools to manage their hair until such a time that they can have a service.
  4. We only offer a full guarantee for any colour/chemical service if the client has chosen to follow our prescribed home care. We offer this guarantee as a gesture of our true belief in the Organic Colour System. If a client has not followed our recommendation and chosen to use other home care products we cannot hold our guarantee for their colour or chemical service.

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