Booking and Cancellation Policy

We understand things do happen, and we try to be as understanding as possible when it comes to cancellation or changing of appointments. However, we are running a business and we do have clients waiting for appointments so we do require enough time to fill the cancelled appointment time.

Clients will receive an email 1 week prior to their appointment, as well as a confirmation text message 48 hours before their actual appointment. Clients are able to respond and confirm the appointment by either responding to the email or the text message. This allows enough time to confirm their appointment up to 24 hours prior.

If a client fails to arrive for their allocated appointment and has not cancelled before the 24 hour notice period required, has cancelled on the day or has been a no show we will require a $50 booking fee for their next hair colour appointment or $30 booking fee for their next haircut appointment.

Only under extreme circumstances will this fee be waived for a client.

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