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We’re Off The Fringe !

You’re in good hands with our superstar team of stylists and colourists. While we are experts in our field, we never stop learning. You can be sure that every member of our team is constantly refreshing their skills to keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques in hairdressing. We’re looking forward to going on a journey with you to hair you absolutely love. Check out a little bit more about each of our team members below and book in for a free consult if you’re keen to make the organic switch today. 

Off The Fringe Team

Bridgette Young

“To live my life with purpose, honesty, and integrity so that I can inspire others to grow and be the best they can possibly be. I live honestly and purposefully in all I do. Having high integrity and being honest are what I value the most. At work, giving my clients the best possible service using products I believe in, that are not harmful and toxic, in a space that is safe and comfortable. For my team, providing a comfortable, safe place to grow and develop their skills whilst being a positive and supportive team leader for them. At home, being an honest and positive person for my family and friends who I support and provide love and care for”

What gets you out of bed each day? I do love my sleep! However, the one thing that makes me jump out of bed is the sunrise on a beautiful day. I am practicing gratitude every day, and the simple things we witness daily can be so impactful on our lives. Seeing a client walking tall after her appointment is one of those small things that I witness daily. Makes me so greatly appreciate the roll I play in their lives.

What is your favourite product?  I absolutely love the whole Organic Colour Systems range and it can be quite difficult to pick one favourite product, however I do love the Aqua Boost Leave in Conditioner. I use this on almost every client I see. It makes the hair easy to comb and softens the hair so its manageable. It also works on all hair types.

What inspires you in your career?  Hairdressing is all I have ever known as a “job”. Starting the business in 2013 was a milestone for me to open a salon where the clients loved to come to where they feel valued and where they receive the best service and care we could possibly offer. I still love creating with hair as my canvas.

The products we use have opened so many doors for us as stylists. Opening the conversation with clients to use a healthier alternative to chemical colour. I have found my interest in health and wellbeing has grown tremendously in the past few years. This interest has extended way beyond just doing hair and using a more natural alternative. I have had my eyes opened to the green washing that happens in the hairdressing industry as well as what we are exposed to daily with cosmetics and in the beauty industry. I love finding like minded people who have the same values as me, caring for themselves and their family and helping them to choose the right products with the least amount of chemicals.

Bridgette it not currently accepting new client bookings. 


Jax Reis

Jax has had a love for hair since she was a little girl. She started her hairdressing career at Servilles Hairdressing Academy in 2012. She joined Off The Fringe on 14th February 2017 (yes, Valentine’s Day!)

What do you love doing? I love creating bright, beautiful unique fashion statement vivid colours. When my clients walk out looking and feeling spectacular then my job is done. Your hair is one of your greatest assets and investments.

 Why do you love Off The Fringe? I love Off The Fringe because I have the best clients and amazing colleagues who make every day entertaining. I love it even more because we are all so close and care about each other. We are a little Off The Fringe family. 

 What do you like to do outside of work? On my days off my partner and I enjoy going on hikes and going to the markets. I also love baking, going to K-mart and plant shops with my friends.

Off The Fringe Team
Off The Fringe Team

Sarah James

Sarah joined Off the Fringe in March 2019 and has immersed herself in the team and has made an incredible impression on her clients.  Sarah has 20 + years of experience in the hairdressing world starting out in South Africa when she finished school. Hairdressing wasn’t her first choice for a career, she wanted to save the wolves in Canada! So, we know she has a huge passion for animals and their welfare. This is one of the reasons she joined Off the Fringe, to make a difference. Hairdressing came in a close second as a career choice, if she couldn’t save the wolves she would save peoples hair!

What do you love doing? I love to make people feel good about themselves while there is no harm done to animals in the process while providing a more environmentally friendly option. 

Why do you love Off The Fringe? I love Off The Fringe because I have the opportunity to try new products and go back to the way that hair is supposed to be looked after. Plus I love the great team I get to work with. 

What do you like to do outside of work? In my free time I love being with my family. My husband, 2 children and pets (1 dog and 1 cat which I brought with me from South Africa). I love to read, scuba dive and crochet. I also manage my daughter’s hockey team or I’m on the sidelines cheering her on. 

Sarah has a wicked sense of humour and has been known to start dancing when a good song comes on! She loves to have fun with her clients and is definitely not “Serious Sally”, only when it comes to discussing your hair and what you would like to achieve, she all business!

Apprentice stylist

Tui Williams

Tui is our salon assistant and is an apprentice hair stylist, training to become a qualified hair stylist. Tui is also a part time model and one of her hobbies is photography. Tui does the best head massages so get ready to fall asleep when she washes your hair. Tui loves seeing clients walk out happy also enjoys learning about colour.

Off The Fringe Team

Just to let you know that I really appreciate your care & service – thank you. I am very happy with my colour & cut. Looking forward to continuing this ‘greying’ process with you.


I just wanted to say thanks very much to Sarah for doing my hair! I love the colour, she did a great job :))) Nice experience, and really appreciate you being there to look after my mane x


Hi Bridgette, I just wanted to say thank you soooo much for your time yesterday. I enjoyed my entire experience in the salon. I have just tried the shampoo and treatment with a condition this morning and have to tell you, my hair has NEVER been able to be combed without being matted after washing it before!!! The amount of build up it had on it and the effect and quality of your products is incredible !!!! I can’t wait to come back for my colour and to see how far it will have come by then. Have an awesome day


I would just like to thank Jax for once again doing a great job on my hair. I know I just require a trim and straight styling which doesn’t pose any challenge for Jax, but she always does exactly what I ask. At this point I would also like to thank Jax for supporting me in my decision to go natural and not hide the grey any more. Together we have persevered and the result is truely liberating. At my post Covid 19 salon appointment last week it was great to see both Bridgette and Jax still friendly and welcoming amidst the hand sanitiser, “squirt and spray,” clear surfaces and Perspex screens. At this very strange time we find ourselves in, I felt safe and valued throughout my treatment. So thank you very much Off The Fringe.



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